Kanaan Public Relations was founded in 1987 as a PR agency serving the high-tech industry (IT, telecommunications, electronics, biotechnology, nanotechnology etc.). Over the years, we have been given the privilege to represent both established market leaders and emerging companies (startups). It is this experience with such a wide array of companies that gives us the edge we need to ensure that clients’ news and stories are spread as widely as possible, worldwide.
Kanaan has served B2B, B2c, startups, mid-size corporate entities and large companies. What matters above all else is results, and we pride ourselves on the results we have accrued over the years with our clients.
With roots firmly established in the world of journalism and technology, Kanaan knows just where to place the chips when it comes to maximizing news and information exposure. We see things from a holistic standpoint – the big picture. This provides us with a deep understanding of where, and to whom, to deliver news.
From persuasive writing strategies to high-impact exposure to creating a buzz in the industry, we custom design comprehensive strategies to accomplish even the most challenging business objectives. That is what sets Kanaan apart when it comes to creating, communicating and imparting influential messages to those who count.
With our thorough knowledge of PR and various industries’ ecosystems, and the dedication to create results, we are committed to serving our clients in the best possible way. Our public relations experience is measured in decades, and we possess the professional attitude and skills needed to make public relations programs a resounding success.
We at Kanaan know the importance of listening to and understanding our clients. It is our expertise at Kanaan that helps our clients reach out, across the various media, in order to get a message across. At Kanaan, we know what needs to be done when it comes to public relations, to the benefit of our satisfied clients.