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Kanaan Public Relations provides public relations services, defining the strategies and developing the tactics necessary for our clients to reach new heights of brand recognition:
Brand Positioning
Kanaan Public Relations believes in using creative strategies above and beyond traditional means.  In addition to media planning, publicity and promotions, Kanaan Public Relations is known for its ability to use unique methods to bolster awareness and get the client in the spotlight.
Media Relations
Kanaan Public Relations is extremely effective at positioning companies,  products, technologies and services, and generating recognition among mainstream and niche audiences. Generating coverage is the core of Kanaan’s business. Kanaan Public Relations’ Managing Director has over 30 years of experience in media relations, publicity and journalism.
Kanaan Public Relations has managed press campaigns for high-tech companies, as well as public and professional organizations, exhibitions and conferences.
Kanaan Public Relations drafts and distributes press releases announcing products, deals, earnings, acquisitions, executive appointments, distributorship agreements, and other news that can affect the perception and valuation of the company.  Kanaan Public Relations secures interviews with key journalists and editors to ensure that any and all corporate news is properly and efficiently disseminated.  Again, this is targeted to reporters covering multiple audiences, including high-tech, communications, computers, software, e-commerce, nanotechnology etc.
Quarterly Earnings
Kanaan Public Relations assists the executive team with all aspects of communicating quarterly earnings, including development of talking points and drafting the earnings release.  We also handle all logistics for the announcement, including distribution of the press releases.
Conference Presentations
Conferences provide a platform for delivering core messages to a targeted and focused audience.  Kanaan Public Relations identifies conferences for executives to attend and possibly address, and helps the management team develop an appropriate presentation for the conference.
Trade Shows
Trade shows attract clients, competitors, press, potential clients and industry influencers.  In order to break through effectively and bolster image at trade shows and conferences,  Kanaan Public Relations helps produce press materials and arrange interviews with journalists.
Crisis Management
In support of public relations activities for our clients, we offer crisis counseling and support for any threatening issues that may arise.  Kanaan Public Relations identifies potential issues before they arise and develops solutions to help resolve them.